Our Vision

As a population, we are taking a more active role in our health.  We want food that meets our bodies needs, and we want it to taste good and be affordable.  Sisu Eats is designed not only to encompass quality, taste, and cost - but to deliver it quickly!

Why Sisu?

With Finnish roots, the term Sisu embraces qualities of endurance, determination, perseverance and pulling from an inner strength.


It also reflects a bit of craziness, which inspires us to challenge the current fast food model - you DON'T have to sacrifice quality for the sake of speed!

A Fast-Food Paradigm Shift

Our model supports local business and a healthy community.  From the local farmers to our customers, we look to positively impact all involved.

Our Sisu-Swear

Our priority is to source locally and organically, whenever possible, and to be completely transparent with our customers about the food they consume.

Stay in the Know!

We want to be friends with you! Follow us on social media (instagram @sisueats & facebook) for menu updates, promotions, and some really yummy food photos!


2570 Ridgeway Ave.

Rochester NY, 14626


Tel: (585) 270-5875