What makes us unique?

Sisu Eats was created to prove that fast food CAN be fresh and healthy food.  We like to think we're helping the fast food industry take a step in the right direction.


The Sisu Sourcing Model

At the core of Sisu Eats is our sourcing model: high quality, locally sourced ingredients that promote a happier, healthier community.

Our sourcing model benefits our immediate community. We support local farmers who utilize earth-friendly, humane practices.  



Animal & Eco-Friendly

We will only use and promote brands and farms practicing sustainability and proving business integrity towards all living on our home - Earth.

We strive to be a zero waste facility.  This means using all compostable or recyclable products, composting our left overs, and donating food to local non-profits.  In addition, our suppliers are all from the Rochester/Western NY area.

Animals are our friends and the planet is our home - it's about respect! 

Seasonal Menus

Seasonal fruits and veggies retain more nutrients than their counterparts - meaning they are better for you! Eating seasonal also supports sustainable farming practices.

Our Chef Scott Riesenberger never ceases to amaze us. Be prepared for wonderful seasonal flavor combos that will truly delight the taste buds!


2570 Ridgeway Ave.

Rochester NY, 14626


Tel: (585) 270-5875