Big Shout Outs!

Scott is the mastermind behind our use  of local ingredients and seasonal flavors.  He is classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu and has experience with some of New York and France's top chefs.  Diagnosed with Celiac's in 2009, he is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about creating unique and delicious gluten-free dishes.  His expertise has been priceless.

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Chief Culinary Officer

Scott Riesenberger

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Megan is my sister and a sister to all at Sisu Eats! She has been and continues to be the brains and wit behind our social media content. 

She is always down for the cause and has gone above and beyond for Sisu Eats in more ways than we could have ever imagined! We are lucky to have her a part of the team.

Keep an eye out for her new baby, Sophie Bailey, making appearances on our socials.

Follow her here: Megan Bailey

Social Media Guru

Megan Bailey

Headwater Food Hub (located in Ontario, NY) was one of our first partners and fully deliver on our Sisu-Swear when it comes to representing the area in a sustainable way. They are good friends and great people.


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Local Food Aggregator & Supplier

Headwater Food Hub

Regional Access is another Upstate NY gem (located in Ithaca, NY) again, delivering on the sustainable and community-oriented business model making this world a better place. They have been following through on their founders mission for decades and we are honored to deliver you their fine local options!

See What Regional Access Is Up To?

Local Food Aggregator & Supplier

Regional Access

The most fire coffee roasters in Rochester! They helped us from start to finish on the vast coffee frontier. They are starting us slow, but we will be sure to incorporate more Fuego secrets as we go!

Check Out Fuego Here

Coffee Supplier & Partner

Fuego Coffe Roasters

Team Sisu Eats all day. 

Impact earth is working diligently and successfully to make communities zero-waste. A bold vision, but they are backing it up, from communities to Sisu Eats!

Impact Earth's Page

Biodegradable Materials & Upcycling

Impact Earth

A local friend from the beginning, long before Sisu Eats was even thought about.

Virginia provided our beautiful artistic work you will see throughout our location. Her patience and detail was unmatched as she spent hours on a 10 ft. ladder. She also helped with other graphic design and menu needs.

See Gin's work and get your own here!

Artistic Designs

Virginia McDonald


Another local friend from the beginning, long before Sisu Eats was even thought about.

Jordan spent countless hours refurbishing and implementing all of the beautiful rustic woodwork you will see in the restaurant. He does far more work and you will see it featured in our gallery as we add more!

You can add some too!

Woodworking Extroadinaire

Jordan Calman

Another local and best friend from the beginning - again, long before Sisu Eats was a reality.

Need anything done? Literally....

Jake was there after hours, early hours, basically whatever it takes to get a job done. On top of that, his skills are as good as they come and there is nothing he cannot deduce.

As he pulled off job after job with a smile on his face, he only asked what else he could do. A truly moral guy to his core.


Team Sisu Eats THANKS YOU ALL!

Mr. Do-It-All

Jake Sutherland

2570 Ridgeway Ave.

Rochester NY, 14626

Tel: (585) 270-5875